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Temperature Alerts OSGi application

Here you can find a real time demo of an application which send you alerts to the mail in cases of the current temperature exceeds the limits you configure.

Heat is the natural enemy of computers, animals, poultry farm, tropical fishes and many others animals or electronic devices. It is strongly recommend to control the temperature of the places where this kind of stuff is in order to take care of them and prolong the life expectancy.

The prototype presented here tries to show how third parties companies can monitor the temperature of any environment and develop any kind of software over the proposed BSP. The proposed solution is basically formed by our Ameba comms board and several temperature sensors. The Ameba comms board retrieves all the data information from the temperature sensors, process them and show in a legible way for humans beings. The information can be displayed in different ways depending on the needs of the third party.

Temperature sensors are dallas DS1820 Digital Thermometer connected to the serial comm port.
DS1820 datasheet MAXIM - Dallas Semiconductor




Serial Port Connection

Dallas DS1820

Here you can find a real time demo. You can access with the credentials: demo/demo

Ameba alert sw controls a maximum and minimum temperature than the user can configure. In case the temperature exceeds the limits AmebaSystems presents the following solution:

  • Send mail if router connectivity
  • Send SMS to the user number
  • Call the user
    temp Monitoring

For the last two options the user must buy a SIM card in order to do the call or send the sms.


  • provides real-time data to your computer via serial port,
  • absolute accuracy near 0.5 degrees celcius (as per DS1820 specifications),
  • relative accuracy near 0.01 degrees celcius,
  • powered ameba systems comms board, no extra supply is needed,
  • Measures Temperatures from -55°C to +125°C (-67°F to +257°F)
  • data format easily processed and presented,
  • minimal parts count reduces cost, no expensive temperature probes
  • built-in serial number for circuit identification,
  • control the temperature remotely
  • receive alarms when temperature exceed the limits via SMS, mail or even a phone call


  • Ameba comms board: Alix6b2 BSP available in Amebasystems web
  • Temperature sensors: 1-Wire Parasite-Power Digital Thermometer
  • AmebaSystems Alert SW if is required by the user.

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