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Hi, my name is Miguel and I would like share with you all this stuff in case you find it interesting. I am an open source enthusiast and try to promote it by contributing to some communities with my help and using it in my all my projects.
I am a telecommunication engineer. I studied at ETSIT in UPM (Madrid, Spain) and at Stuttgart universität (Germany). I am currently working in Spain.
I complement my working time with some extra activities like playing sports (biking routes), making software developments (you can find several examples here), helping people (ONCE guide dog, Working in Ademo School of Special Education).
My interests are drifting toward doing an MBA program to complement my technical skills.

I am also interested in any kind of sw proposal project. Should you have one, don’t hesitate to contact me.

My resume is available here.
To contact me, please go to the contact section

"It may be argued again that dissatisfaction with our life's endeavour springs in some degree from dullness. We require higher tasks, because we do not recognise the height of those we have. Trying to be kind and honest seems an affair too simple and too inconsequential for gentlemen of our heroic mould; we had rather set ourselves to something bold, arduous, and conclusive; we had rather found a schism or suppress a heresy, cut off a hand or mortify an appetite. But the task before us, which is to co-endure with our existence, is rather one of microscopic fineness, and the heroism required is that of patience. There is no cutting of the Gordian knots of life; each must be smilingly unravelled."

Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson

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